The Sale is Over

San Francisco Move Out Sale

The sale is now over. Thanks for checking in!

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Heading back home to Oregon and then to cabins in deserts and mountains. Proceeds go towards my project to help couples learn each other's languages


  • IKEA Lack Side Table (White) — Free

    White lack side table, imprinted with my short wife's footprint because she used it to climb up to reach clothes

  • IKEA Coffee Table — Free

    It's our snack table. Used condition with scratches, a dent, and leftover adhesive to clean off

  • IKEA MALM Queen Bed Frame — Free

    Birch color bed frame with slab supports. Disassembled, comes with all screws and mounts, slabs, crossbar, rails


  • 10' x 6' Large Rug — $50

    Our favorite rug, beautiful colorful yet muted pattern, centerpiece of the room. Clean, no stains, regularly vacuumed, no pets

  • Floating Bed Nightstand — $10

    A shelf to clamp to your headboard to act as a floating nightstand

  • Desk Hammock for Feet — $5 $4

    Rest your feet while you work, or keep them moving

  • Ikea Hektor Wall Lamp — $5

    Our favorite lamp. Comes with wall mount, light bulb, screws


  • Logitech Webcam 1080P C920 with Dual Mic — $80 $70

    Top recommended webcam, goes for $110 new on Amazon. I use my DSLR now

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 2GB ASUS — $50

    A decent graphics card to have in handy

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB PNY — $150

    Powerful graphics card. Play games on high settings, VR ready

  • ASRock Z77 Extreme3 Intel Motherboard — $110

    Motherboard for gaming PC

  • EVGA 600B Power Supply — $50

    Power supply, 600W, good for gaming PC

  • Ripjaw 4GB x 2 RAM Sticks — $15

    8GB of RAM for a PC

  • AMD Radeon XFX Double-D 1GB GDDR5 HD6870 — $40

    Bought this graphics card in 2012, should play games at medium

  • Intel i5-3570K 3.4GHZ Quadcore CPU — $35

    A used fast quad-core CPU from Intel

  • Intel i7-7700K 4.2GHZ Quadcore CPU — $230 $220

    An i7 Intel CPU

  • Amazon Basics Keyboard — $3

    Wired keyboard with numpad, excellent condition



  • Kirby Superstar (3DS) — $10

    Kirby for Nintendo 3DS!

  • Pokemon Black (3DS) — $40

    Pokemon Black for Nintendo 3DS

  • Pokemon White (3DS) — $40

    Pokemon White for Nintendo 3DS

  • Pokemon Sun & Moon with Exclusive Steelbook (3DS) — $70

    Pokemon Sun & Moon cartridges with collector's steelbook

  • Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (3DS) — $10

    Classic game for 3DS. Comes with box and cartridge

  • STOP Thief! — $15 $10

    Rare board game where you try to catch an invisible thief, interactive!

  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3) — $5

    MGS for PS3, disc only


  • The VR Book — $15

    Textbook. All about VR. Bought for $100


  • Rare 2011 Supreme x North Face Sleeping Bag — $749

    Black + White. Sellers on eBay for $999, will appreciate in value. Email for more details!

Other Stuff

  • Boltcutters — $5

    Used literally once. Cut whatever

  • WaterPik Flosser — $15

    Uses water pressure to clean your teeth. Obviously, you'll want to clean these well or get replacement heads

  • Fishmate Autofeeder — $10

    Timed fish autofeeder